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Total Cray Valley Presents Latest Resin Technology Using Sustainable Feedstocks

Published on 2017-04-04. Author : SpecialChem

EXTON, Pa. -- Global functional additive manufacturer Total Cray Valley (TCV) is exhibiting at the 2017 Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) Conference and Expo. It has announced a new product and also conducting an education session on its latest resin technology utilizing sustainable feedstocks.

Total Cray Valley

β-Farnesene-Based Tackifiers

The session, titled “β-Farnesene-Based Tackifiers,” is being presented by Dr. Keith Nelson, principal scientist for Total Cray Valley. The paper describes tackifying resins that have been produced with β-Farnesene, discusses proposed polymerization mechanisms and molecular structures, and presents adhesive and rheological evaluation versus commercial resins. The new β-Farnesene technology has enabled TCV to add Wingtack® EXTRA F30 to its product line.

Thierry Razat, global adhesives market director for TCV, said:
“We are pleased to introduce a Wingtack family member based on a sustainable feedstock. The Wingtack line of C5 tackifying resins has led the market in quality and performance for decades.”


  • Wingtack® aliphatic resins provide tack for Hot Melt Adhesives and Pressure Sensitive applications.
  • WINGTACK® hydrocarbon resins are low molecular weight polymers based predominantly on C-5 monomers.
  • WINGTACK® resins are used as tackifying resins in a large number of elastomers such as SIS, SBS, polyisoprene, butyl, EPDM and SBR, to enhance their properties.

Total Cray Valley is also showcasing its wide range of raw materials that enhance adhesion, including Cleartack® hydrocarbon resins, Poly bd® and Krasol® liquid polybutadiene resins.

About Cray Valley

Globally based in Paris, Total Cray Valley is part of Total’s Polymers division within the Refining & Chemicals branch. Total Cray Valley manufactures Wingtack® and Cleartack® hydrocarbon resins, Poly bd®, Ricon® and Krasol® liquid polybutadiene resins, SMA® copolymer resins, and Dymalink® monomers. These products are used as raw materials and additives for adhesives, rubber, electronics, thermoplastics, coatings and other applications.

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Source: Total Cray Valley (TCV)
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