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teamtechnik Showcased Electrically Conductive Adhesive Technology at SNEC 2018

Published on 2018-06-13. Author : SpecialChem

The STRINGER TT1600 ECA uses new adhesive technology and low process temperatures to join high-efficiency bifacial HJT (heterojunction) cells.

New Innovative Stringer TT1600 ECA Technology

New Stringer TT1600 ECA technology by teamtechnik

This process reduces thermal and mechanical stress on the sensitive cells and results in a high string quality. teamtechnik, has developed the process itself and brought it successfully to market. The Stringer TT1600 ECA is designed for reliable series production with high unit volumes.

High Performing Long Life Production System

The production system connects HJT cells with light-capturing ribbons (LCRs) at a cycle rate of 2.25 seconds. The finished product is a solar module that is designed for extremely high performance and long life.

ECA is an abbreviation for "electrically conductive adhesive". In this process, a conductive glue is applied to both sides of the cell using a screen-printing technique. It is then fully cured at a temperature of roughly 160ºC together with the LCRs.

Source: teamtechnik
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