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Techsil Launches Clear Flexible Adhesive for Bonding Display

Published on 2019-09-23. Edited By : SpecialChem

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panacolTechsil has launched a new optically clear, low viscosity, UV curable acrylic adhesive, Vitralit® 50004 which is manufactured by Panacol.

Vitralit® 50004 is a one-component acrylic adhesive so it requires no mixing. The adhesive has been designed to use for bonding display screens and laminating optics.

Vitralit® 50004 Acrylic Adhesive

Vitralit® 50004 adheres to a variety of substrates including:

  • coated glass
  • PET 
  • other plastics and films

Its low viscosity means that it can fill cavities fast without trapping air. The adhesive cures quickly with very little shrinkage, meaning there is less residual stress between substrates.

Once cured, Vitralit® 50004 is very soft. Thermal stresses between dissimilar substrates are neutralized without causing delamination.

Its high degree of flexibility enhances performance through repeated thermal cycles. The cured adhesive is optically clear and non-yellowing with excellent light transmission.

Hoenle’s LED Spot 100 Curing System

Bonding of large surfaces or lamination of displays is possible by using Hoenle’s LED Spot 100 curing system which matches to the photo-initiators of Vitralit® 50004.

The alignment of the LEDs of the Spot 100 ensures high intensity and homogenous light distribution. The LED Spot 100 heads can be mounted together without gaps to match the size of the display to bond.

Techsil has expertise in many diverse adhesive applications including UV curing adhesives. They offer comprehensive customer support from selecting the right adhesive, on-site testing facilities to transitioning to volume production and beyond.

Source: Techsil
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