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Tex Year Unveils HMA Series to Enhance Mattress Recycling

Published on 2024-07-02. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Tex Year Launches HMA Series to Enhance Mattress Recycling With the vigorous development of circular economy, efficient utilization and recycling of resources is the general trend.

Based on the 3R principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle of circular economy, Tex Year has developed a new Innofusion® series of hot melt adhesive products.

Compatible with Various Polyolefins

Innofusion® hot melt adhesive is compatible with a variety of polyolefins and is extremely suitable for bonding pocket spring non-woven fabrics.

The new HMA series promotes the establishment and improvement of the mattress industry recycling system. Innofusion® products have a special molecular arrangement and excellent bonding properties.

Studies have confirmed that using Innofusion® hot melt adhesive can save up to 50% of the glue consumption and achieve the same bonding properties as traditional EVA hot melt adhesive.

Innofusion® Hot Melt Adhesive 336M
Operation Method Spray Glue
Product Appearance Colorless, Transparent, Granular
Viscosity (@160°C) 3750 cps
Softening Point 112°C
Density 0.88g/cm3
Packaging 25KG/BAG

Source: TEX YEAR

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