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ThreeBond Introduces Induction-curable Epoxy Adhesive for Bonding Applications

Published on 2020-12-01. Edited By : SpecialChem

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ThreeBond Introduces Induction Cure Epoxy Adhesive for Bonding ApplicationsThreeBond launches ThreeBond 2273E, a heat curing, one component epoxy adhesive without solvent. The easy-to-use adhesive is developed for the instant induction curing and is ideal for bonding and fixing materials such as ferrite and steel.

Suitable for Automation Assembly

Induction bonding uses induction heating to cure bonding adhesives. Induction bonding is the main method for curing adhesives and sealants for the automotive industry and is beneficial for a variety of other applications. Induction is the preferred bonding method for steel and aluminum sheet metal as well as for lightweight composites such as carbon fiber.

Benefits of ThreeBond 2273E adhesive include:

  • simple application through automatic dispensing system
  • energy saving
  • facilitates automation assembly
  • minimal shrinkage and outgassing while curing
  • solvent-free

Chemical Resistant with High-peel Strength

The ThreeBond 2273E excels in electric properties, offers great solidity, and chemical resistance. The versatility of the adhesive makes it ideal for a variety of industries including the automotive industry, small engine manufacturing, consumer electronics industry, and electric vehicle and fuel cell manufacturing.

The heat-curable epoxy adhesive features a high Tg- 120°C, high-peel strength, and can be induction cured. The adhesive is available in while color with 70 viscosity. ThreeBond 2273E offers 40 lap shear strength and D94 hardness. The adhesive offers conventional oven cure rate - 150°C x 30-minutes.

Source: ThreeBond
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