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Toyochem Launches Moisture-permeable Acrylic PSAs for Healthcare Industry

Published on 2021-02-15. Author : SpecialChem

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Toyochem Launches Moisture-permeable Acrylic PSAs for Healthcare ApplicationToyochem launches pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for healthcare-use under Oribain™ brand of acrylic adhesive solutions. The new PSA system addresses the demand for medical tapes and surgical dressing materials that offer high moisture absorbency and breathability, minimizing skin maceration and infection.

User-& Cost-friendly Alternative to Silicone PSAs

Oribain™ PSA systems are acrylic-based and do not contain silicones, which are widely used in today’s medical tape adhesives. The new PSA compositions do not contain any substances that may contaminate coatings lines or processing environments, for a more user- and cost-friendly alternative to silicone types.

Conventional pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesives commonly used in modern medical tapes tend to exhibit low-moisture permeability and to easily trap heat and water vapors released from the skin. This often leads to skin irritation, skin maceration, rashes and even bacterial growth. To address this issue, Toyochem researchers applied advanced resin synthesis technology to form a polymeric composition that substantially raises the moisture permeability rate of the adhesive layer.

Early evaluation testing by our end customers has produced promising results,” said Nao Nakamura, general manager of Toyochem’s adhesives division.

High-water Vapor Transmission Rates than Traditional Acrylic Adhesives

The new Oribain™ PSA has consistently reached water vapor transmission rates of 2,000g/m2/24 hours. The values are considerably higher than those of traditional acrylic adhesives, which typically range from 500 to 1,000g/m2/24 hours. “We were able to do so, all the while maintaining mechanical performance requirements for adhesion and peel strength,” added Nakamura.

In addition to Oribain™ acrylic PSAs, Toyochem’s comprehensive portfolio includes the Cyabine™ brand of polyurethane PSA solutions, including high moisture-permeability systems. PSA compositions can be customized to meet ISO-10993-1 or other FDA-recognized biocompatibility standards.

Production and development centers in both Japan and China have boosted Toyochem’s capability to customize and expand its product offerings to meet the stringent performance demands of the healthcare, packaging and various industrial markets. In line with its growth strategy, Toyochem is now looking to strengthen its presence in the global medical adhesives market, for such applications as dressing and surgical tapes.

Source: Toyochem
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