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TSRC Presents Low Styrene SEBS Polymer for Hot-melt Adhesives and Label Applications

Published on 2018-12-06. Author : SpecialChem

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TSRC has introduced TAIPOL® 6014, a novel low styrene SEBS polymer which combines high flowability, ease of processability and a strength-elasticity balance in formulations to fit a variety of applications.

Potential Market Applications for Novel Polymer

TSRC's novel SEBS polymer finds usage in feminine care positioning adhesive and protective films

TAIPOL® 6014 enables compounders for example to meet requirements in (oil-free) food contact products or enhanced low temperature impact strength for automotive parts. Its hydrogenated structure provides a broad temperature application window and cohesion to adhesives. TAIPOL® 6014-based adhesive is well suited for co-extruded protective films.

TAIPOL® 6014 can be used for:
  • Hot-melt adhesive for hygiene products such as feminine care positioning adhesive or removable labels
  • Adhesive protective film for plastics or stainless-steel surface protection
  • Plastic modifier for automotive applications
  • Technical compound for food contact or other low migration applications

SEBS Polymer with Multiple Features

TAIPOL® 6014 is an 18 % styrene content SEBS (Styrene-Ethylene/Butadiene-Styrene) featuring:
  • Improved flowability
  • Low hardness
  • High compatibility with polyolefins
  • Plasticizer-free processing

Additionally, impact strength performance is better at low temperature compared with conventional high-flow products. Typical properties of TAIPOL® 6014 are listed in the table below:
TAIPOL® 6014 - Technical Data Sheet

Source: TSRC
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