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Acrylic-based Emulsion Polymer Isocyanate System by Franklin

Published on 2016-10-04. Author : SpecialChem

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers has developed Advantage EP-950A, a high-performing adhesive for structural glued lumber. It is a two-part acrylic-based emulsion polymer isocyanate system. The product stands out among other structural adhesives for its high resistance to water, heat and solvents.

Awaits Heat Resistant Adhesive Certification from ALSC

Advantage EP-950A
Advantage EP-950A
Advantage EP-950A, a two-part acrylic-based emulsion polymer isocyanate system (EPI), has met critical requirements for adhesives used in structural glued lumber including finger-jointed, face-glued and edge-glued lumber. It recently passed the ASTM E119-15 Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials – known as the “wall burn test” – and is awaiting heat resistant adhesive (HRA) certification from ALSC. It also met the requirements of ASTM D2559-12a (bonded structural wood products for use under exterior exposure conditions), ASTM D7247-07ae1 (shear strength of adhesive bonds in laminated wood products at elevated temperatures), ANSI 405-2013 (structural glued laminated timber) and CSA O112.10 (structural wood products facing limited moisture exposure).

Key Product Features

  • Two-part acrylic EPI system 
  • Recommended for applications requiring excellent water, heat, and solvent resistance 
  • Works well in cold and hot press applications 
  • Very low foam development 
  • Exceeds ASTM D2559-12a, ASTM D7247-07ae1 and ANSI 405-2013
  • Exceeds CSA 0112.10 
  • CCMC Evaluation Listing 14035-L 

The newest Advantage product stands out among other structural adhesives for its high resistance to water, heat and solvents. It develops very low foam during curing and works well in finger jointers, hot and cold presses. Water-based formulation – and zero formaldehyde – promotes good indoor air quality. The water-based formulation also simplifies cleanup.

Manufacturers mix Advantage EP-950A with Hardener 200, preferably in a meter mix unit. (Franklin Adhesives & Polymers is available to work with them to supply the appropriate mixing equipment.) The adhesive is then applied via either a roll coater or extruder.

“Franklin Adhesives & Polymers is extremely excited to introduce Advantage EP-950A to structural wood component manufacturers,” said Josh Bartlett, structural business development manager, North America. “It offers them superior performance all around and the reliability of a proven brand, from a company that truly has defined the wood adhesives industry.”

Advantage EP-950A is the newest among more than 25 wood adhesives produced by Franklin Adhesives & Polymers for North American markets alone. They are sold under the brand names Advantage, Assembly, Multibond, Reactite and Titebond for the range of wood products, from furniture, and doors and windows to flooring and cabinets – and now, structural components.

About Franklin International

Established in 1935, Franklin International is among the largest privately held manufacturers of adhesives and sealants in the U.S. The company employs approximately 400 at its headquarters, laboratory and plant, in Columbus, Ohio; eight U.S. distribution centers; and a plant in Guangzhou, China. Franklin provides local support to customers domestically and globally through a network of 75 independent sales representatives and direct field sales associates. The company maintains two divisions: the Construction Division manufactures Titebond-brand wood glues, construction adhesives, sealants and flooring products and Franklin Adhesives & Polymers provides adhesives for wood product assembly, filter assembly and tapes and labels.

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