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UPM Raflatac’s Catalyst-activated RX 15 Adhesive Shows Major Growth in Self-adhesive Labeling

Published on 2015-10-06. Author : SpecialChem

UPM Raflatac’s RX 15 marks the launch of a new ‘RX’ series of adhesives, signifying a critical development in highest performance self-adhesive labeling. The new adhesive technology is a breakthrough for challenging applications like durable goods, electronics and automotive labeling where solvent adhesives were previously the only alternative.

UPM Raflatac
Fig. 1: UPM Raflatac

RX 15 bonds aggressively and enduringly to polar substrates like steel, glass, polycarbonate, nylon and ABS plastic. Ultra-high tack is matched by very high cohesion which provides tested resistance to chemicals and UV light, and prevents shearing under high temperatures. In label conversion, this means that the adhesive is highly resistant to bleeding and stringing.

The high cohesion of RX 15 derives from a high proportion of chemical cross-links locking together the molecules in the adhesive. The cross-linking reaction is activated by the introduction of a catalyst after the adhesive has been coated during label stock manufacture. The catalyst is water vapor.

Environmental performance for durables, electronics and automotive labeling

The solvents typically used for highest performance self-adhesive labels present significant risks to the environment and to human health. Those labels also cause higher environmental impacts during their life cycle due to the energy required after adhesive coating to evaporate the solvent, which is also a lost residual.

RX 15 significantly reduces the environmental impacts of labels in categories including energy consumption, water usage and carbon emissions. It provides label industry stakeholders the opportunity to equal and even exceed the performance of their current label solutions, boost their environmental performance and differentiate themselves as forward thinking, technologically advanced solutions providers.

“When viable alternatives present themselves, history shows that solvent adhesives are quickly abandoned. The solvent-free RX 15 closes one chapter and opens another in the continual evolution of self-adhesive labeling,” says Martti Vähälä, Labeling Solutions Manager at UPM Raflatac.

About UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac is a leading global supplier of pressure sensitive labeling solutions. Its films and papers are used for product and information labeling across a wide range of end-uses – from pharmaceuticals and security to food and beverage applications.

UPM Raflatac paper and film laminates are delivered in rolls and sheets. UPM Raflatac's customers include large and small label printers who focus on roll-to-roll printing, and packaging providers. UPM Raflatac also provides sheet products for offset and screen printers in the graphics industry, which are distributed by paper merchants in Europe.

Source: UPM Raflatac

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