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Zymet at APEX: to Introduce CN-1735 Reworkable Underfill to Enhance Thermal Cycling Performance of IC Packages

Published on 2014-02-12. Author : SpecialChem

EAST HANOVER, NJ -- At this year's APEX, Zymet will introduce CN-1735 a board level reworkable underfill designed to enhance the thermal cycle performance of IC packages with pitches as fine as 0.3-mm pitch. CN-1735 will also enhance ruggedness, for drop and bend test performance. Zymet will be at Booth 2329.

Conventional reworkable underfills have CTE' s of 64-75 ppm/° C and are used primarily to enhance drop test and bend test performance, even if board level thermal cycle performance is sacrificed. CN-1735 has a CTE of 40 ppm/° C to enhance thermal cycle performance.

Low CTE underfills are typically non-reworkable or very difficult to rework. CN-1735 is easily reworked. Rework is accomplished by use of elevated temperature, 170° C to 180° C, to remove the underfill fillet. Then, the BGA is lifted from the board after heating it to reflow temperature. Underfill residue is easily scraped off, again at 170° C to 180° C.

About Zymet

Zymet is a manufacturer of microelectronic and electronic adhesives and encapsulants. Its products include die attach adhesives, substrate adhesives, UV curable glob top and cavity-fill encapsulants, and underfill encapsulants.

Source: Zymet

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