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Sensorial Cosmetics: How to Support Claims in Practice

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Jan 29, 2019

Build new claims by focusing on sensoriality / neurocosmetics in your cosmetic products and address your consumers’ quest for novelty, in light of limited ingredient innovation.

Karl Lintner will share operational guidance that no one writes about to help you:
  • Improve sensorial aspects (well-being, mindfulness, pleasure...) of your formulations with “sensactives”.
  • Measure consumer’s perception with hedonic testing & sensory analysis (brain mapping, eye-tracking, speech analysis, body posture...) to support your claims.

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Karl Lintner Presented By:
Karl Lintner
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Consumers are increasingly wary of the old, efficacy focused claims and you need to speak a new language to catch their attention. The severe slowdown of ingredient-based innovation caused by the restrictive Chinese regulations is leading to a paradigm shift from function & efficacy to sensory & hedonics. This shift is made possible with the development of Neurocosmetics, which offers a rational, scientific evaluation of well-being, happiness, mindfulness and pleasure.

Join this course and:

  1. Improve the sensorial and hedonic aspects & messages of your cosmetic products (well-being, pleasure, self-esteem...) using best-suited "Sensactive" ingredients

  2. Review new testing methods to substantiate sensorial claims (eye-tracking, speech analysis, brain mapping, body posture...)

  3. Stay ahead of the game by understanding the new science (Neurocosmetics) that is redefining the personal care industry!
New Sensoriality in Cosmetics

Who should view this course?

  • Cosmetic formulators willing to learn new strategies to address consumers' needs of sensoriality
  • Marketers looking for a new approach to create novel attractive and easy-to-grasp claims
  • Ingredient suppliers, R&D and Marketing managers to help drive this shift in focus from pure function to a holistic experience for consumers

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during this session:
  1. Shift in Cosmetic Claims to Overcome Consumers' Boredom of Old Claims: new message and new concepts to promote cosmetic benefits

  2. Neurocosmetics and Hedonics: Introduction to a new science for a new language

  3. “Sensactives” for Best Sensorial Experience: New categories of ingredients combining bioactivity and sensoriality, all measurable and claimable

  4. How to Scientifically Measure Claims (Well-being, Self-esteem, Happiness…): New testing protocols
    • Prosody (speech analysis)
    • Mydriasis (diameter of the eyes' pupilla)
    • Posture analysis
    • Ohmic duration response (lie-detector)
    • Eye-tracking...

  5. Sensorial Claim Examples: How to create successful claims from test results?

  6. Regulatory Aspects

  7. Conclusion: Industry outlook

  8. 30 Mins Q&A session- Ask your technical queries directly to the expert !

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Members Reviews

Understood new way of thinking about sensory and how to take a not new topic and make it newer.

Anu D. , from Clariant

Explored new areas of consumer assessments Neurocosmetics and Hedonic testing.

Shilpa M. , from Marico Ltd.

Very Good. Got introduction to new sciences behind Sensoriality.

Eva B. , from HallStar Italia

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