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Maximizing Adhesion in Adhesives & Coatings - Formulations & Processes

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Recorded on Apr 29, 2018

Promote and maintain good adhesion and durability of your adhesives, coatings & inks by better understanding adhesion science and how it translates into formulation & processes choices.

Leading industry expert, Edward Petrie will review principles and techniques to maximize adhesion and test methods to measure adhesion and detect failures at early stage. (Check out the exclusive preview now!)

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Edward Petrie Presented By:
Edward M. Petrie
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

As many of your peers, you can find it complicated to maintain good adhesion for your adhesives and coatings. Yet with a better understanding of adhesion science, you'd be able to tweak formulation and processes for better adhesion in your service environment!

  1. Maximize the adhesion of coatings (formulation and processes twicking) by reviewing principles and latest techniques

  2. Detect failures early by learning how to choose the right test protocol

  3. Get advice on your own adhesion challenges by interacting live with our expert Edward Petrie ( >35 year experience)
Adhesion Promotion Coatings Primers selection

Who should view this course?

Adhesives and coatings formulators who need support to evaluate and maximize adhesion and durability

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Course Outline

  1. Importance of Adhesion and Cohesion to Coatings & Adhesives

  2. How to Maximize Adhesion via Formulation & Processes
    • Effect of Base Polymers on Adhesion
    • Effect of Additives and Other Adhesion Promoters
    • Effect of Processes (Application, Drying, Curing, Etc.)
    • Effect of Service Environment on Adhesion

  3. Ingredient Selection Guidance

  4. How to Measure Adhesion & Early Detect Failures

  5. Notable Trends
    • Water stable silanes
    • Multiple uses of silanes in sealants
    • Use of silane primers for structural pressure sensitive tape
    • Boric acid esters for rubber compounds

  6. Summary
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