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Formulating Advanced Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives

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Recorded on Dec 8, 2022

Go beyond traditional PUR-based reactive hot melt adhesives to match today’s performance requirements (increased shelf life, pot life; difficult to bond substrates, a wider range of service temperatures, reduced free isocyanates (NCO)...).

Edward Petrie will review newer base polymer chemistries (hybrids, polyolefins, SBC, and their impact on properties...) & the latest test methods. With quick-to-apply material selection & formulation guidance, you can immediately implement strategies to enhance cross-linking speed & product performance.

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Edward Petrie Presented By:
Edward M. Petrie
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Advanced

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Why should you view this course?

Traditional PUR-based reactive hot melt adhesives with novel properties (like - high bond strength & high-heat resistance) has been a popular tech till now. But what has evolved since then are its performance requirements w.r.t high-end applications (auto, electronics, and packaging).

While it’s relatively easier to achieve basic properties, enabling advanced RHMA is complex and often application specific. So, despite spending your precious time on trial & error, join this course and:

  • Review newer base polymer chemistries (hybrids, polyolefins, SBC, and their impact on properties...) with quick-to-apply material selection & formulation guidance.

  • Know about the key attention points catering to performance requirements (increased shelf life, pot life; reduced free isocyanates (NCO)...) for reactive hot melts.

  • Upgrade your formulation expertise by leveraging on the latest material, tech, and testing advances & knowing their impact on final performance, crosslinking speed/ crosslinking rate.

Reactive hot melts adhesives processing moisture curing

Who should view this course?

Hot Melt Adhesives & Sealants formulators who wants to formulate for high performance markets include transportation, building and construction, packaging, and electrical and electronics.

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Course Outline

  • Formulating Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives
    1. How to select optimal materials, processes, and formulation strategies?
    2. Fundamentals of how to formulate these adhesives

  • Possible Polymeric Types and Reaction Mechanisms
    1. Styrene Butadiene Copolymers
    2. Polyurethanes
    3. Polyolefins
    4. Acrylics
    5. Other Polymers

  • Processing to Consider for Reactive Hot Melts (Packaging, Shelf and Pot Life, Ambient Conditions...)

  • Trends and Solutions to Notable Challenges
    1. Reduced free isocyanate
    2. Lowering application temperature even more
    3. Bonding to difficult substrates
    4. Easier packaging and processing in machinery, increasing shelf-life
    5. Comparable heat & moisture resistance to conventional thermosets

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Members Reviews

EXCELLENT ! Helped understanding the different components and the characteristic properties required for any particular application.

Nirmal S. , from Pidilite Industries Ltd.

VERY GOOD ! Useful for understanding a technology of our customer.

Joel N. , from Perstorp UK

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