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Structural Epoxy Adhesives Formulation Optimization Part 2

Recorded Course

Recorded on Jul 5, 2017

Take a shortcut & master the art of formulating structural epoxy adhesives by learning the step-by-step methodology to best tackle formulation challenges like a seasoned expert !

Hartwig Lohse (>30 years of proven track record) will share best practices & case studies to help you smartly select raw materials in the right ratio & meet any list of requirements: higher corrosion inhibiting, durability, thermal oxidative resistance, increased humidity resistance with reactive diluents...

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Hartwig Lohse Presented By:
Hartwig Lohse

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Advanced

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.wmv Courses Recording, Presentation Slides & Transcript of Q&A session

Why should you view this course?

The start of a new structural epoxy adhesive…

You have your (very) long list of requirements to meet… Books or raw material suppliers are of little help to find how to match them all… Sound all too familiar? Learn from an experienced formulator, who understands what issues you're facing and who knows how to overcome them!

Join this course and:

  1. Solve faster your everyday challenges by wisely selecting the right ingredient at the right ratio: which class for which property/use…

  2. Save time formulating new epoxy-based adhesives by efficiently choosing the right system (resins, curative, hardener, stoichiometry…)

  3. Find creative solutions for your applications: automotive, airplane, electronic, building and construction, white goods...
Structural Epoxy Adhesives Formulation

Who should view this course?

Formulating chemists, Development Team Leaders & Research chemists who need expert insight to develop their structural epoxy adhesives faster

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during the Part 1 and Part 2 sessions.

  1. Introduction

  2. Details to be Considered During Development of an Epoxide Adhesive

  3. Epoxy Adhesives Chemistry and Their Areas of Application
    • Polyaddition (2-part adhesives, ambient cure, 1- part heat curing adhesives)
    • Cationic UV-curing epoxy adhesives

  4. Raw materials and their effect on the adhesive (structure-property relationship)
    • Epoxy Resin Chemistry
    • Epoxy Curing Agents (amines, polyamides, mercaptans, dicyandiamide, anhydrides, UV-cure initiators…)
    • Solvents and Dilutents

      ...to be continued in Part 1

    • Improvement in Flexibility / Toughening Agents
    • Fillers and Extenders
    • Adhesion Promoter
    • Processing aids

  5. Case Studies: How to design your epoxy adhesive formulations, starting with your list of requirements with 2 cases:
    • Low viscosity epoxy adhesive for concrete crack repair
    • Epoxy for automotive collision repair

  6. Hints and tips from personal experience as an epoxy adhesive formulator – Ask your questions directly to the expert in the Q&A sessions (30 mins each in both parts)

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