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Bio-based Ink Formulation in Practice

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Sep 3, 2019

Reduce time to market by fast-tracking your search for true bio-based raw materials (resins, waxes, solvents…) and adapting best formulation practices complying with industry regulations (like Swiss Ordinance...).

Terence Kenneth (Ink Specialist) will reveal the latest “safe” formulating practices required in Europe and North America. Topics like challenges faced with biomaterials (poor adhesion, slow drying speed, high odour, press stability), how to formulate high performance inks will be discussed in detail.

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Terence Kenneth Presented By:
Terence Kenneth
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Ever-increasing demand of bio-based raw materials and obligation to meet the new strict regulations requires you and your peers to create environmentally friendly inks.

But, locating true bio-based materials (resins, waxes, solvents…) and then knowing how to formulate with them is tough. Moreover, new and emerging materials, manufacturers and suppliers add up to the challenge.

So, instead of depending on raw material suppliers who may or may not have the formulation know-how, join this course and:

  • Overcome the challenges faced while formulating with bio-based materials.

  • Get higher bio-based content by adjusting your ink formulation practices.

  • Identify manufacturers and suppliers of true bio-based materials.

  • Learn how to implement new materials into ink formulations.

  • Get expert’s insights on packaging ink market (lamination, decorative paper…) and directions for composing a formulation with quantifiable ingredient selection.
Bio-based Ink Formulation in Practice

Who should view this course?

Gravure / Flexo / Offset ink formulators and technical managers who are looking for strategies to formulate inks using bio-based raw materials. Ingredient suppliers and printing professionals may also find it useful to increase their awareness on the topic.

Course Outline

  • Identifying bio-based materials (resins, waxes, solvents…)
    • Learning about their properties
    • Commercial examples of bio-based materials
    • Application areas (packaging market – decorative paper, lamination)

  • Challenges of formulating with bio-based materials
    • Limitations
    • Factors affecting the use of bio-based ink formulations.

  • Formulating strategies for biobased inks

  • Understand in detail: Green Certifications (NAPIM, BRC) & Regulations (Swiss Ordinance)

  • Other considerations for a clean environment (VOCs, Non-Tox pigments etc.)

  • List of resources to learn more

  • 30 mins Q&A - Interact live with the expert for all your technical help !

About the Expert

Terence Kenneth (President of Ink Intelligence) has hands-on experience creating ink formulations for ink manufacturers and printers for over 30 years. Terence loves to travel, spend time with his family and of course to make world-class ink formulations.

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Members Reviews

Excellent examples given of biobased materials with references sited.

Ed B. , from Sherwin - Williams

Very good general overview of the topic, in a short session.

Jérôme S. , from SICPA SA

Very good! The e-training introduced me to many bio-based components I wasn't aware of.

Minedys M. , from Hewlett-Packard

I learned more about ink formulations and the potential of bio-based materials

Gus L. , from Pixford Consultancy

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