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Plastics for Smart Electrical & Electronics: 2018 Trends & Opportunities

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Jun 7, 2018

Anticipate new opportunities for your plastics in today’s smart E&E market thanks to a structured review of trends, early market disruptors and successful technologies !

Don Rosato will discuss industry's latest innovations :

  • Advanced Laser Weldable PBT for Sensor Housing
  • Complex Polycarbonate LED Headlamp Bezel Designs
  • Reflow Solderable PPAs for space reducing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
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    Donald Rosato Presented By:
    Donald Rosato
    Length: 90 min

    Course Type: Innovation
    Level: Intermediate

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    Why should you view this course?

    Plastics are and will be in the future invaluable in electrical and electronic (E&E) applications due to the unique characteristics! Advanced technical developments in Smart E&E industry are making electrical goods light weight, safer (fire resistant...), more attractive, environmentally friendly and durable.

    With hundreds of patented innovations coming up each year, it is easy to lose track! Join this course to identify innovations that hold the maximum potential and...

    1. Save time with a structured overview of recent advances in innovative manufacturing, materials & application developments for next generation of E&E devices

    2. Anticipate the future by recognizing early market disruptors with analysis of existing & novel opportunities in sensors,  LED lighting, printed electronics...

    3. Upgrade your E&E development strategy by seeing how competitors are addressing flexibility at low cost, miniaturization, interfacing electronic materials…
    Latest E&E Plastics for LED, Energy Storage, Miniaturized Devices

    Who should view this course?

    • R&D professionals
    • Manufacturing engineers
    • Sales & Marketing & Technical/Customer service personnel with a need to understand what is happening in the E&E market and where is it heading towards in the future.

    Course Outline

    The following sections will be covered during the session:

    1. Overview of Plastics in Smart E&E Devices
      • Plastics Market Drivers in Smart E&E Devices
      • Plastics Technology Trends in Smart E&E Devices

    2. Plastics Materials Technology for E&E Devices
      • Resin Advances for Electronic Products
      • New Specialty Compounds/Additives for Electronics
      • Flame Retardant Advances

    3. Plastics Applications in Smart Electrical & Electronic Devices 
      • LED & Lighting
      • Automotive
      • Appliance
      • Sensors
      • Signs
      • Electronics
      • Displays
      • Batteries

    4. The Future of Plastics in Smart Electrical & Electronic Devices

    5. Major Plastics in Smart E&E Devices Players & Related References

    6. Q&A session (30 Minutes) - Ask your questions directly to the expert!

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    Members Reviews

    Excellent course, I learned about future trends, new products and technologies!

    Pamela W. , from Trinseo

    Excellent Course! Learned about global requirements and trends of current & future technologies.

    Ryan T. , from The Lavergne Group

    Marketing wise, it helps me to figure out who does what, and what are latest activities from competitors. Also interesting to note new type of fillers for higher conductivity.

    Franck L. , from DSM Engineering Plastics

    Very good overview of polymer types and use in different E&E applications.

    Randy J. , from TOPAS Advanced Polymers

    Good overview. I learned about a couple of areas that I hadn't heard about before.

    Scott O. , from Solutia

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