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Clear All your Questions (Online Courses)

 Answers to Frequent Questions about Online Courses Welcome in this Help Center!

We've tried to be as comprehensive as possible to answer all the questions you may have about SpecialChem Online Courses. In the event you still need support after reading this page, simply email us. We generally answer within 24h (working days). 

General Information about SpecialChem Online Courses

See answer   What is an Online Course?

An Online Course is a 90-min event presented by industry experts. Last 30 minutes of each course are left for questions & answers. You can get personal advice on your own cases, when you register to the live session!

We're here to help you and your team to achieve technical excellence, adapt to new regulations and keep up with innovations. For this, we always adopt a practical angle – we only include theory when it’s needed to gain in autonomy & make wiser & faster decisions.

See answer   At what time do SpecialChem Online Courses start?

All SpecialChem Online Courses are broadcast from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. Central European Time, unless specifically noted. On each course page, you can check the start time in your local time.

We recommend you to connect at least 15 minutes before course start time.

See answer   In what language are SpecialChem Online Courses?

SpecialChem Online Courses are in English. We are happy to have attendees from all over the world. To ease the understanding of the course by anyone:

  • We provide the presentation slides at least 24 hours before the course starts, so that you can get familiar with the content. We make sure key information is clearly stated on the written document.
  • During the Q&A session, you can write your questions and all answers are provided in a written form as well after the event.
  • If needed, you can also ask for the recording to review the course at your own pace.

See answer   What are Course Types?

Course Types are here to help you quickly find the best Online Course for your needs:

  • Formulation Courses provide practical support to better select your ingredients, and to solve common problems.
  • Innovation Reviews come back on latest achievements from the last 12 months and their impact on the technical landscape
  • Regulation Courses review legal requirements in simple terms & how product developers can best comply
  • Methodology Courses share ways to gain in efficiency in your day-to-day work
  • Technology Courses review how to best use tools and equipment

See answer   What does the Course Rating mean?

Every course we run gets rated by attendees. Course ratings show the percentage of attendees who rated the course content as Very Good or Excellent.

  •     5: More than 80% of attendees rated the course as Very Good or Excellent
  • 4.5: More than 70% of attendees rated the course as Very Good or Excellent
  •     4: More than 60% of attendees rated the course as Very Good or Excellent
  • 3.5: More than 50% of attendees rated the course as Very Good or Excellent

We do not offer courses below 3.5 rating: either we decide not to reschedule them or we completely reshape the content.

See answer   Can I suggest a course topic?

Yes, your ideas are more than welcome! Simply email us.

See answer   How can I manage my Online Course alerts?
  • You have a SpecialChem Account: You can manage your preferences in your SpecialChem profile. Go in the section entitled My Subscriptions and check / uncheck "Be alerted on our latest Live Online Events"
  • You are a Guest Visitor : You need to create your account - it's free. Then make sure to check "Be alerted on our latest Live Online Events"


Registration to a Live or On-Demand Course

See answer   How do I register to an Online Course?

From the top menu on SpecialChem homepage, click on the Innovation Resources tab and select Upcoming Courses. Go on the description page of the course you would like to attend. Add the event to your cart and proceed to checkout.

You can also purchase the Course Material alone by visiting the

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