Everyday challenges are won by acquiring & capitalizing on reliable know-how as well as adapting faster than others to the latest innovations & regulations. Today, many companies lack the internal expertise that would help them find shortcuts and develop the right products faster.

SpecialChem e-Training Courses are designed to unlock your growth potential by providing you and your team with the necessary support to achieve technical excellence and stay at the forefront of technology breakthroughs!

Last year only, we trained more than 1500 of your peers and more than 75% of them rated their overall satisfaction as Very Good or Excellent. Here is what they valued:
Level of Satifaction of SpecialChem e-Training Courses
We have run practical and industry-applied 1h30 online sessions since 2003. Our e-Training Courses are developed and presented by independent experts who are all passionate about sharing their strong experience and technical know-how. There is no other place to get this "insider" yet cost-effective knowledge that is so crucial for your advancement within the industry!

Our courses cover topics such as:
  • Science behind formulation (physical chemistry, adhesion science...)
  • Ingredient selection & problem solving
  • Applied formulation courses (PVC, inks, structural adhesives...)
  • Efficiency & Sustainability
  • Novel formulation practices
  • Latest innovation review
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"Provided me with information I have missed in my studies. It also provided me with information for further evaluation in the future."
R&D Technician from Lord Corporation

"I liked the professional delivery by the speaker; obtained useful links to resources, suppliers & references."
Product Development Manager, Ciba

"It is very good to hear from a lecturer with extensive real-world experience rather than (or in addition to) just academic knowledge. The specific examples, anecdotes, and advice regarding specific materials is invaluable"
R&D Manager from Quantum Leap Packaging
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