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Perform to your best in the Adhesives & Sealants industry by getting access to "insider" knowledge. Courses will help you to better select your ingredients, solve your formulation issues and anticipate changes! All our 90-min online trainings are developed by independent specialists who are all passionate about sharing their technical know-how and strong industry experience.

Troubleshooting Coextrusion Issues (Multilayer Films and Sheets)

Quickly overcome any film & sheet coextrusion issues (melt fracture, interfacial instability, incomplete flow…) that arise in your day-to-day by learning about the hands-on secrets that no one...


Bonding Dissimilar Materials: How to Reduce Internal Stress Levels

Prevent premature adhesion failure while bonding dissimilar materials (LSE plastics, metal, composites, ceramics…) by efficiently managing the problem of internal stress and curing shrinkage. Edward...


Skin Moisturization: Practical Ingredients Selection & Formulation

Successfully deliver on today's consumer needs for long-lasting skin hydration, reduced blemishes, reduced flakes by best selecting your moisturizers from the whole host of ingredients. Eric Abrutyn...


Cosmetic Claim Substantiation: Do’s & Don’ts

Develop claims that hold up under scrutiny in a non-harmonized regulation environment by mastering the claim substantiation process. Learn the do’s & don’ts from Karl Lintner, who will review the...


TiO2 Optimization: Practical Formulation Strategies

Smartly optimize your TiO2 loadings and keep your coatings and inks cost under control while maintaining quality by reviewing how to proceed in practice. Jochum Beetsma will discuss practical...


UVA/SPF: Optimizing your Test Protocols

Meet today’s SPF / UVA regulatory requirements faster by optimizing your testing strategy (avoid running expensive tests until it is really needed and interpret test results better). Julian Hewitt...


Plastics for Smart Electrical & Electronics: 2018 Trends & Opportunities

Anticipate new opportunities for your plastics in today’s smart E&E market thanks to a structured review of trends, early market disruptors and successful technologies. 2018 Innovations in focus...


Achieving High Barrier Performance in Coextruded Films

Reach higher barrier performance levels in your multilayer thin films with coextrusion for any type of packaging goods without compromising on mechanical properties and sustainability. Thomas...


Solving Adhesion Issues of Coatings & Inks

Solve faster your coating adhesion issues (blistering inducing metal corrosion, poor adhesion to plastics…) by efficiently determining compatible fix based on the problem root causes. Jochum Beetsma...


Flame Retardant Behavior Characterization in Practice

Assess efficiently effect of flame retardants in plastics’ fire behavior & thermal stability by running appropriate characterization methods (Cone Calorimeter, TGA, Char & Residue Analysis...) at...


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