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Product Name
Heat reactive, phenolic resin. Used in the resin curing of butyl rubbers, adhesive systems and sealants. Possesses very good compatibility with chloroprene, nitrile and natural rubbers. Provides... view more
Oil soluble, heat reactive phenolic resin. Used in neoprene solvent type contact cements. Provides high heat resistance, high cohesive strength, shorter open time, and light color. Possesses... view more
Heat reactive, modified alkyl phenol-formaldehyde resin. Possesses improved open time. Used in the formulation of neoprene-based contact cements and of adhesives with NBR, SBR, natural and reclaimed... view more
Akrochem® P-125 by Akrochem is a heat reactive, bromomethyl octylphenol-formaldehyde resin. Used in natural rubber and butyl cement. Possesses good processing properties... view more
Akrochem® P-133 by Akrochem is a thermoplastic, alkyl phenolic resin tackifier. Develops high tack levels in rubber compounds which are used in tire construction and mechanical goods. Provides tack... view more
  • Polymers>Synthetic Rubbers
Thermoplastic, unmodified alkylphenolic resin. Used as a tackifier for natural rubber and synthetic elastomers, including SBR, BR, IIR and IR... view more
  • Polymers>Synthetic Rubbers
Akrochem® P-28 by Akrochem is a non-staining, heat reactive alkylphenol-formaldehyde resins resin. Used in neoprene solvent cements. Increases the heat resistance of the adhesive when used with an... view more
Oil modified, thermoplastic phenolic novolac resin. Used in SBR rubber. Possesses improved SBR compatibility and dispersibility. Provides strong plasticizing action during processing without fear of... view more
Non-ionic aqueous alkylphenolic resin primarily used in solvent borne contact adhesives. Formulated for use with carboxylated polychloroprene latices. Can also be used with carboxylated nitrile... view more
  • Adhesives>Solvent based>Contact adhesives
  • Polymers>Acrylics & Acrylic Copolymers
  • Polymers>Synthetic Rubbers>Chlorinated Rubbers / Chloroprenes (CR)
Arakawa Chemical
Alkylphenolic resin. Used as a tackifier for SBR. Offers good tackiness... view more
  • Polymers>Styrene Copolymers (SBR …)
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