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The material selection platform
Adhesives Ingredients

Acrylates / Methacrylates Oligomers > Caprolactone (Meth-)acrylics

Product Name
Dymax Corporation
Polycaprolactone urethane acrylate. It is a difunctional oligomer. It enhances hardness and improves adhesion, weatherability. Offers abrasion resistance, gloss finish and non-yellowing effect... view more
Estron Chemical
Caprolactone acrylate. It is a clear liquid. It exhibits good chemical resistance, good weatherablity, provides good adhesion, has low shrinkage and shows high flexibility and high impact strength... view more
Shin-Nakamura Chemicals
A-9300-1CL is a blend of ε-caprolactone ethoxylated isocyanuric acid triacrylate and ethoxylated isocyanuric acid triacrylatetriacrylate. It is a multifunctional acrylate... view more
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