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Product Name
ALBERDINGK® LUX 3381 VP by Alberdingk Boley is an urethane-based acrylic oligomer. Possesses non-yellowing, good film filling and short flash-off time. Provides good wood warming, high blocking... view more
SARBIO® 7301 by Arkema is difunctional urethane acrylate. It offers flexibility and very good barrier properties like MVTR (moisture vapor transmission rate) to formulations. SARBIO® 7301 contains... view more
Aventk® FA-200 by Aventk is an aliphatic urethane acrylate oligomer. Offers fast curing, heat- and chemical resistance... view more
Bomar® BR-116 by Bomar is an oil- & chemical resistant, trifunctional aromatic polyether urethane methacrylate. Offers glossy finish, improved adhesion, flexibility, softness and low color. Bomar®... view more
Aliphatic polyether urethane acrylate. It is a trifunctional oligomer. It enhances weatherability and improves abrasion resistance. Provides high gloss and non-yellowing effect. Exhibits hydrolytic... view more
  • Bookbinding / graphic art
Bomar® BR-144B by Bomar is a medium molecular weight, trifunctional aliphatic polyether urethane acrylate with low MeHQ levels. It offers rapid cure speed, hydrolytic stability, weatherability and... view more
Aliphatic polyether urethane methacrylate. It is a trifunctional oligomer. It provides gloss finish, low color or non-yellowing, soft touch finish and hydrolytic stability. It improves adhesion and... view more
Bomar® BR-202 by Bomar is an aromatic polyether urethane dimethacrylate with low initial color. It offers hydrolytic stability, high elongation and high bond strength. It shows excellent adhesion to... view more
  • Electrical & Electronic Bonding
Bomar® BR-204 by Bomar is a difunctional aromatic polyether urethane methacrylate. Possesses low color and low neat viscosity. It offers high bond strength, high elongation and hydrolytic stability... view more
Bomar® BR-302 by Bomar is a linear aromatic polyether urethane diacrylate. It exhibits excellent chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability. It offers low cost formulations with improved adhesion... view more
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