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Adhesives Ingredients


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Butadiene. It is a cracker olefinic monomer. It is currently produced by extractive distillation from a crude butylene concentration stream, a by-product of ethylene and propylene production. This... view more
Glycos Biotechnologies
Isoprene. GlycosBio’s Bio-SIM™ (biologically produced synthetic isoprene monomer) technology provides high-yields of isoprene from low-cost feedstocks such as crude glycerol that are available... view more
BUTADIENE by SABIC is a monomer, buta-1,3-diene. It is a highly reactive flammable, colorless gas with a mild aromatic odor. BUTADIENE polymerizes readily, particularly if oxygen is present... view more
ETHYLENE by SABIC is used as a monomer in the production of polyethylene, ethylene dichloride, ethanol, styrene and glycols. It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, colorless gas with very little odor... view more
PROPYLENE by SABIC is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, colorless gas with very little odor. It burns readily in the presence of oxygen with a luminous flame. Used in the production of polypropylene... view more
SABIC® DECENE-1 by SABIC is a colorless linear alpha-olefin liquid made using a low-pressure ethylene oligomerization alpha-sablin process. It is used in the production of polyalphaolefins, polyol... view more
SABIC® OCTENE-1 by SABIC is a colorless liquid. It can be used as a co-monomer in the production of low-density polyethylene as well as in the production of plasticizer alcohols and other... view more
Topas Advanced Polymers (Polyplastics)
Norbornene by Topas Advanced Polymers (Polyplastics) is bicyclo-[2.2.1] heptane (Synonyms: 2-Norbornylene, 2-Norbornene and Norcamphene). It is made by the Diels-Alder reaction of cyclopentadiene... view more
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