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Firepel® K120-MTD-00

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by AOC Resins

Firepel® K120-MTD-00 is a halogen-free resin dispersion. Acts as fire retardant. It requires the addition of AOC’s fire-add 1 additive prior to use. Once it is diluted with fire-add 1 it requires no additional fillers or additives to achieve excellent results for flame spread, low smoke density and toxicity characteristics. It produces lighter weight composites which are 10-30% lower in density than composites made from ATH filled resins. Firepel® K120-MTD-00 also produces laminates which possess higher tensile strengths, elongation and toughness than those made with ATH filled resins. Its optimum properties are achieved at reasonable glass contents (18-25%). Used in mass transportation applications like busses, vans and passenger trains.

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