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BYK® -431

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Byk (Altana Group)

BYK® -431 by Byk Altana Group is a solution of a high molecular urea modified medium polar polyamide. Acts as a liquid rheology control agent. It builds a three-dimensional structured network based on hydrogen bondings and interaction with the pigments and extenders. BYK® -431 is particularly suitable for thick layer systems due to its pseudoplastic flow behavior. It is designed for solvent-borne and solvent-free medium-polarity systems and can be combined with other BYK-rheology modifiers. The interactions between the additives and pigments/extenders can lead to viscosity increase and gloss reduction. These effects can be avoided by optimum stabilization of the solid particles with wetting and dispersing additives. It is easy to handle due to the liquid supply form and prevent settling of pigments and fillers. It also gives excellent sag control due to fast viscosity recovery after application. Its recommended level based upon total formulation is 0.1 - 2% for anti-settling and 1 - 4% for anti-sagging.

BYK® -431 Product details

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BYK® -431 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
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Density @ 20°C
xxxx g/ml
Flash point
xx °C
Refractive index @ 20°C
Non volatiles matter
xx %
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