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Trixene BI 7770

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Chemtura (LANXESS)

Blocked TDI isocyanate prepolymer. Acts as an epoxy flexibilizer. It differs from standard blocked isocyanate crosslinkers by incorporating a more labile blocking agent which allows it to cure by a chemical mechanism under ambient conditions, rather than by thermal dissociation at elevated temperatures. Trixene BI 7770 readily reacts with standard amine hardeners used in 2-K epoxy resin formulations. Its chemical structure offers a range of flexibility, functionality and branching for the compounder. Has nonyl-phenol as the blocking agent. It can be used to replace part of the epoxy resin component to achieve desired increase in performance.

Trixene BI 7770 Product details

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Trixene BI 7770 Properties


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Viscosity @ 25°C
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