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NovoColor® II 8848N

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Color Corporation Of America

NovoColor® II 8848N by Color Corporation of America is a pigment dispersion grade. It is a no VOC grade as per US EPA method. It is APE & formaldehyde free as well as non-resinous and glycol free. Offers easy pour over technology to standard universal colorants. Provides superior rheology to standard universal colorants as well as competitive colorant lines. Also exhibits outstanding stability with minimal settling, broad compatibility with both latex and alkyd products and minimal impact on critical paint properties. It matches to conventional colorant standards. NovoColor® II 8848N is used in caulks & sealants, grout and adhesives.

NovoColor® II 8848N Product details

Product Type
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
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NovoColor® II 8848N Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Tinting strength by volume
xxxxxxx %
Delta E FMC II color tolerance for most colorants
xxx Delta
Prime pigment (by weight)
xxxx %
Inert pigment (by weight)
xxxx %
Total solids (by weight)
xxxx %
Theoretical VOC
xxx g/l
Water content (by weight)
xxxx %

Color Information Properties

Test Condition
Test Method
Color Name
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