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Benzoflex™ 2088

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Eastman Chemical Company

Benzoflex™ 2088 by Eastman Chemical Company is a high solvating plasticizer known for its exceptional performance in PVC, polyvinyl acetate and water-based adhesive systems. In adhesives, it displays excellent wet tack, set times and open times and also improves adhesion in acrylic latex caulks. In PVC it serves as a fast fuser, delivering low processing temperatures and low volatility. It is used in latex sealants, polysulfide sealants, pressure sensitive adhesives, PVAc water based adhesives, PVC plastisol sealant and VAE water based adhesives. All components of Benzoflex™ 2088 is listed in TSCA, DSL & CEPA, AICS / NICNAS, ECL, PICCS, IECSC.

Benzoflex™ 2088 Product details

Product Type
Product Status
Geographical Availability
Applications/ Recommended for
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Bio Based
Labels/Agency Rating

Benzoflex™ 2088 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Color, Pt-Co
xxxxxxx APHA
Specific Gravity @ 20°C/20°C
Flash Point, setaflash closed cup
xxx °C
xxxxx wt%
Boiling point
xxx °C
Refractive Index @ 25°C
Freezing point
xxxx °C
Vapor Pressure @ 20°C
xxxxxxxx Pa
Viscosity @ 25°C
xx mPa.s
Wt/Vol @ 20°C
xxxx lb/gal
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