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KUREHA Microsphere H750

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Kureha

KUREHA Microsphere H750 is a thermally expandable microcapsule. This precision additive is used to lower density, reduce cost, and provide acoustic and thermal insulation. On heating, it expands to a target diameter and maintains that diameter after cooling. It is compatible in both binder and fibrous materials and can be compressed during molding and rebound to the intended shape when the pressure is reduced. Fully expanded, the microsphere increases 3-5X its original diameter with a 80-120X increase in volume. Under equal weight, KUREHA Microsphere H750 renders better volumetric filling and is 30-85% lighter than alternative mineral additives. Through consistent and accurate particle size distribution, it offers low thermal conductivity to provide extremely efficient thermal barrier properties. It is suitable for use in sealants, caulks and heat activated adhesives.

KUREHA Microsphere H750 Product details

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KUREHA Microsphere H750 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Thermal start (Tstart)
xxx °C
xxx °C
Particle size
xx µm
Expanded particle size
xx µm
Expansion ratio
Expanded particle density
xxxxxxx g/ml
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