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TEXICRYL® 13-319

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Scott Bader

TEXICRYL® 13-319 by Scott Bader Company is a hydrophobically-modified alkali swellable acrylic (HASE) emulsion (30% solids content). Acts as a rheology modifier. The pure acrylic polymer is activated by neutralizing to pH 8-9 and modified by incorporation of hydrophobic groups to associate with particles at low shear, dissociate at high shear & then recover in a controlled manner. This modified polymer provides a dramatic pseudo-plastic rheological effect and prevents settling & sagging whilst maintaining leveling properties. Offers excellent pigment suspension. It can be used alone in very high viscosity formulations and in combination with other Scott Bader rheology modifiers. TEXICRYL® 13-319 by Scott Bader Company is used in water-based adhesives. Typical addition level should be less than 0.5%.

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