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Setal® D RD 181 X

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by allnex

Polyester polyol. It is found at approx. 75% in xylene. It can be thinned with esters, ketones, glycol esters and aromatic hydrocarbons. However, the solution formed must be tested for its storage stability. Prolonged storage with low binder content may result in turbidity and sedimentation. It is compatible with many polyesters and Desmodur grades. Applications include sealants and adhesives.

Setal® D RD 181 X Product details

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Chemical Composition
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Setal® D RD 181 X Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Color, DIN EN 1557
xxxxx Hazen
Acid value, DIN EN ISO 2114
xxxx mg KOH/g
Viscosity @ 23 °C
xxxxxxxxxx mPa·s
Non-volatile content (2 g resin/2 ml toluene/ 1 h at 125 °C,convection oven), DIN EN ISO 3251
xxxxxxx %
Hydroxyl content, DIN 53 240/2
xxxxxxxxx %
Water content, DIN 51 777/1
xxxxx %
Equivalent weight
Density at 20 °C, DIN EN ISO 2811-2
xxxx g/ml
Flash point, DIN EN ISO 1523
xx °C
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