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Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Ecosynthetix

Environmentally sustainable sugar-based acrylic monomer. Used as a bio-based building block for creating new waterborne sugar-acrylic adhesives and resins. The sugar used to produce EcoMer is derived from annually renewable resources, such as glucose or dextrose from cornstarch. As a bio-monomer, it can partially replace a wide variety of petrochemicals such as acrylate and vinyl monomers. Can impart new properties and improved performance capabilities to the end-product over traditional petrochemical monomers. It can be produced at various viscosity levels, ranging from a resinous solid to a low viscosity liquid. It is available today as a 40% solution in butyl acrylate co-monomer (low viscosity) and in pure form (a solid with a softening point of about 53 °C). Both of these products are close to 100% active in monomer content. It is a unique biosynthetic macromer composed entirely of biodegradable content (sugar). Sugar macromers are considered "generally recognized as safe" and contain no VOCs, which make them much safer to use than traditional petrochemical monomers.

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Bio Based
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Sugar based
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