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Saret® 521 Liquid

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Sartomer (Arkema Group)

Saret® 521 Liquid by Sartomer Arkema Group is a scortch protected methacrylate. It is a difunctional, low color, low staining, scorch retarding aid which contains non-nitroso inhibitor packages. When incorporated into peroxide cure natural and synthetic rubber systems, improves mechanical and performance properties, as well as retards scorch of the products. Provides improvement in temperature stability, high elongation, high modulus, wide hardness range, modulus/compression set, low mooney viscosity, high tensile strength and good hot tear strength. Saret® 521 Liquid is compatible with a variety of elastomers, including EPDM, NBR, CPE, PE, etc.

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Last edited Dec 18, 2017
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