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Levulinic ketals

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by GFBiochemicals

Produced using Segetis' Javelin™ technology, Levulinic ketals is a broad family of bio-based compositions with performance advantages in many applications. The chemical structure of Levulinic Ketals gives them valuable inherent traits like thermal stability, low toxicity, broad compatibility due to high oxygen content, and high boiling point. Enabled by the development of selective ketalization of levulinic acid esters, these compounds have broad solubility enabling their use as cleaning solvents or coupling agents in liquid formulations. When extended by trans-esterification, levulinic ketals can make effective plasticizers for a range of plastic compounds including PVC, can make polyols for polyurethane materials and can be extended for use in polyester thermosets or thermoplastics.

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Last edited Oct 13, 2016
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