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Altek® H596-A

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by AOC Resins

Orthophthalic polyester resin. It is general purpose, prepromoted and thixotropic. Has medium reactivity, resilient and low styrene content. Its non air inhibited and the air inhibited version provides good chemical bonding between laminate applications if proper application procedures are followed. The air inhibited versions provides the best secondary bonding and should be used in application where maximum secondary bonding is required. It produces a composite with superior mechanical properties that can assist in the reduction of cracking when used with the proper glass reinforcement content. When Altek® H596-A is used with the recommended peroxide levels and application, it allows for complete rapid cure of the composite even in relatively thin composites temperature. It is designed to be used successfully for the fabrication of type and sizes of composites using differing application methods under varying conditions.

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