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Applications of Pressure-sensitive Adhesives

When we talk about pressure-sensitive adhesives there are certain factors (price, product application, usage by volume...) to be kept in mind while formulating them. Along with these factors, adhesive and cohesive properties are required in certain applications. Explore the applications of pressure-sensitive adhesives in the labels market and delayed action adhesives.

Key Applications

Application Factors of PSA

Following are the application factors that need to be considered when using pressure sensitive adhesives:

  • Price target
  • How the product is applied
  • Expected usage (volume)
  • Condition of substrates
  • The function that the adhesive must provide
  • Exposure to UV light, solvents, and other degrading environments
  • Materials to be jointed
  • Texture of substrates
  • The temperature at application and during use
  • Migratory components of the substrate
  • Product life expectancy
Application factors for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives2

Interesting Application in Focus

New applications are driving the labels market more than they do for the tape market due to the many important functions that a label provides other than joining. These novel applications include:

  • Transparent labels with the "no-label" look
  • Adhesive tack at low temperature for frozen food application
  • Removable labels
  • Scratch-off and aromatic labels, and
  • Embossable-image tapes for lettering guns

The best example of this is the "smart label", which is capable of integrating bar coding, anti-shoplifting, and logistics features. These labels include tamper resistant elements involving inks, substrates, holograms, coatings, and even adhesives.

Another interesting application for pressure sensitive adhesives is delayed action adhesives (DAA). These adhesives are not pressure sensitive as they come from the label converter. Just prior to final label application the label is momentarily heated and the label becomes pressure sensitive and tacky to the touch. Tackiness is achieved because the DAA coating consists of a discrete mixture of at least two different solid plasticizers held to the label with a binder vehicle. When the label is heated, the plasticizer forms a eutectic melt, which has a melting point lower than their individual plasticizer melting points.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are widely used in tapes and labels market
Pressure-sensitive adhesives are also used in removable labels
The best example of this is the


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