Antioxidants for Adhesives

Adhesives and their raw materials react like other organic materials with oxygen in a process called autoxidation. This guide offers you an extended overview of Antioxidants in the adhesives & sealant industry. You will be able to select the antioxidant you need from the different antioxidant families mentioned here. This guide will also take a look into antioxidant benefits and applications. You can also check how to test and determine the efficiency of the antioxidant(s) you have selected.

Multifunctional Antioxidants

Multi-functional antioxidants have only recently become available. Due to their special molecular design, they optimally combine primary and secondary antioxidant functions in one compound.

Having several stabilizing functions combined in the same molecule, multi-functional antioxidants eliminate the need for co-stabilizers, such as phosphites and thioethers. This not only simplifies the formulation, but it also simplifies the storage, handling, and use of the stabilizer.

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