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Ethylene Copolymers: Techno Brief

Ethylene copolymers and terpolymers are widely used in manufacturing hot-melts adhesives and sealants because of their their mechanical cohesion and adhesive properties. In this guide, you will learn all the key facts about copolymers and terpolymers (ethylene vinyl acetates & ethylene acrylic esters) for the adhesives & sealants industry : benefits, key features, application techniques and end-market usages.

Ethylene Copolymers in Automotive

Thermo adhesive film based on ethylene copolymers are widely used for automotive interior trim applications.

In these applications, fabrics have to be supported by rigid structures as well on the doors or on the ceiling.
Thermo adhesive films are an easy and environmentally friendly way to associate fabrics with substrates like composites or rigid foams.

Ethylene - Acrylic esters - Maleic Anhydride or Etylene - Vinyl Acetate - Maleic Anhydride products offer a large range of grades suitable for different structures and usage conditions.

Depending on the substrates to be bonded a multi-layer film can be used. Original properties of bonded substrates will be preserved and additional performances like barrier effect can be added.

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