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Polyurethane Dispersions (PUDs): Techno Brief

The aim of this guide is to acquaint you with today's waterborne polyurethane adhesives based on polyurethane dispersion raw materials that achieve the same high level of performance that you have come to expect. It would also accustom you with polyurethane dispersion (PUD) benefits and applications like footwear, automotive, packaging and more.

Excellent Heat Resistance

PUD Heat resistance
Polyurethane dispersions have good heat resistance as supplied but it can be improved to meet rigorous high temperature application requirements through the use of polyisocyanate crosslinkers. The systems cure at room temperature over a period of a few days to achieve superior final performance.

You can witness the difference between the one- and two-component systems for Products A & B in Figure 1 below:

PUD heat resistance
Figure 1: Significant Heat Resistance improvement for Product A & B using a crosslinker (2-component)

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