Polyurethane Resin for Adhesives & Sealants : Techno Brief

Polyurethane resins are used extensively and are well-known for their performance characteristics. Their versatility has allowed them to grab a good market share in footwear, construction, and general manufacturing industries. This techno brief takes into account various polyurethane systems, the types of polyurethane resins, their benefits and limitations and end market applications.

Polyurethane Resin Adhesives

Polyurethanes (PU) as resins have been quite successful in adhesives and sealants. They are used extensively and are well-known for their durability, tough bonds and high peel strength. Adhesives based on PU resins show good strength at low and high temperatures and are resistant to chemicals, water and humidity. One of the largest applications of PU adhesives is in footwear where high bond strengths to PVC compositions are needed. PU resin adhesives also give the formulator the freedom to modify the modulus and elongation required by an adhesive to meet specific end use requirements/ applications. PU resin adhesives can be classified as one component (1k) and two-component (2k) polyurethanes.
Polyurethane Resin Adhesives

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