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Hydrophilic thermoplastic hydrocarbon tackifing resin. Designed for use in rubber goods, especially those loaded with non-black fillers. Used as a thixotropic resinous tackifier, plasticizer and... view more
Low cost, aliphatic hydrocarbon tackifing resin. Designed as an economical alternative to conventional aromatic resins. Can be used in a variety of rubber compounding applications. Builds tack... view more
Thermoplastic, oil soluble, high melting terpene phenolic resin. Used to increase the open time of neoprene solvent cements. Provides good tack and is often used in combination with a heat reactive... view more
Heat reactive, phenolic resin. Used in the resin curing of butyl rubbers, adhesive systems and sealants. Possesses very good compatibility with chloroprene, nitrile and natural rubbers. Provides... view more
Oil soluble, heat reactive phenolic resin. Used in neoprene solvent type contact cements. Provides high heat resistance, high cohesive strength, shorter open time, and light color. Possesses... view more
Heat reactive, modified alkyl phenol-formaldehyde resin. Possesses improved open time. Used in the formulation of neoprene-based contact cements and of adhesives with NBR, SBR, natural and reclaimed... view more
Akrochem® P-125 by Akrochem is a heat reactive, bromomethyl octylphenol-formaldehyde resin. Used in natural rubber and butyl cement. Possesses good processing properties... view more
Akrochem® P-133 by Akrochem is a thermoplastic, alkyl phenolic resin tackifier. Develops high tack levels in rubber compounds which are used in tire construction and mechanical goods. Provides tack... view more
Butyl phenol formaldehyde novalac resin. Used as a tackifier. Possesses compatibility with most elastomers. Finds usage in plied-up constructions... view more
Thermoplastic, unmodified alkylphenolic resin. Used as a tackifier for natural rubber and synthetic elastomers, including SBR, BR, IIR and IR... view more
Akrochem® P-28 by Akrochem is a non-staining, heat reactive alkylphenol-formaldehyde resins resin. Used in neoprene solvent cements. Increases the heat resistance of the adhesive when used with an... view more
Oil modified, thermoplastic phenolic novolac resin. Used in SBR rubber. Possesses improved SBR compatibility and dispersibility. Provides strong plasticizing action during processing without fear of... view more
Oil modified, thermosetting phenol-formaldehyde two-step resin. Used in SBR rubber as an effective plasticizer during processing. Contributes strongly to hardness, stiffness and abrasion resistance... view more
AKROCHEM® P-90 by Akrochem is a octylphenol and formaldehyde resin. Used as a tackifier. Offers conpatibility with most elastomers. Used in piled-up constructions which require high building tack... view more
Thermoplastic terpene-phenolic resin primary used for the enhancement of tack in aqueous systems and in contact adhesives. Compatible with high pH polychloroprene latices. Can be blended with other... view more
Aqueous dispersion primarily used for enhancing tack in aqueous adhesive systems. Developed for use with carboxylated polychloroprene latices. (Can be blended with latices which are neutral without... view more
Non-ionic aqueous alkylphenolic resin primarily used in solvent borne contact adhesives. Formulated for use with carboxylated polychloroprene latices. Can also be used with carboxylated nitrile... view more
Pentaerythritol ester of rosin. Provides superior tackifying action to synthetic and natural rubber applications for adhesives and hot melts. Highly compatible with the more non-polar elastomers... view more
Aromatic-aliphatic thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin. Used as a tackifier in hot melt, solvent and emulsion adhesives. Modifies viscosity and wetouts fillers. Increases tensile and elongation. Reduces... view more
Mixed aromatic-cycloaliphatic, medium melt point hydrocarbon resin. Used as a tackifier in construction adhesives. Offers very good compatibility with drying oils. Possesses the high performance of... view more
Low melt point, aromatic hydrocarbon resin. Used as a tackifier/softener for nitrile, chloroprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, SBR, butyl and many other rubbers. Used in applications where good... view more
Low melt point, aromatic hydrocarbon resin. Used as a tackifier/softener for nitrile, chloroprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, SBR, butyl and many other rubbers. Improves processing, extrusion... view more
Low molecular weight, stable, plasticizer/tackifier which is polymerized from mixed petroleum streams. Used to modify other resins and polymers in rubber compounding and various adhesive systems... view more
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