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Adhesives Ingredients
The material selection platform
Adhesives Ingredients
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High surface area fumed silica which imparts significant increase in viscosity and in reinforcement of sealants. In Cab-o-sil® H-300 high shear dispersion equipment is required to realize its full... view more
CAB-O-SIL® HS-5 by Cabot is a synthetic, amorphous, colloidal silica. Used as rheology controler for adhesives and sealants. CAB-O-SIL® HS-5 has small particle size, big surface area and high... view more
CAB-O-SIL® M-5 by Cabot is is a medium surface fumed silica used in adhesives. Provides thickening, thixotrophic (shear thinning), and anti-settling behavior in liquid systems. It offers an... view more
CAB-O-SIL® TS-530 by Cabot is a high surface area fumed silica which has been surface modified with hexamethyldisilazane. Used for rheology control in adhesives providing low viscosity. The... view more
CAB-O-SIL® TS-610 by Cabot is a hydrophobic fumed silica treated with dimethyldichlorosilane. It is a high purity silica with an aggregated structure, submicron particle size and low bulk density... view more
CAB-O-SIL® TS-720 by Cabot is a hydrophobic fumed silica treated with a dimethyl silicone fluid. Used as a rheology control agent, a free flow agent, a thickener and a thixotrope in adhesives and... view more
Hydrophobic treated fumed silica. Its surface chemistry makes it a very effective stabile rheology control additive for polar systems such as epoxy and urethane adhesives. Cab-o-sil® TS-720D bulk... view more
Polydimethylsiloxane treated fumed silica. Acts as a rheology modifier for adhesives requiring very high sag resistance and stable bond lines for structural adhesives... view more
Hydrophilic synthetic amorphous, pyrogenic fumed silica. Acts as a rheological control-, flow- and reinforcing agent. It has a high-surface area, small aggregate size and primary particle size... view more
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