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Adhesives Ingredients
The material selection platform
Adhesives Ingredients
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Benzoflex™ 9-88 by Eastman is a high solvating plasticizer. Benzoflex™ 9-88 is used in cyanoacrylate adhesives, latex caulks, polysulfide sealants, polyurethane adhesives and polyurethane sealants... view more
Benzoflex™ 50 by Eastman is a versatile benzoate ester plasticizer. It is known for its exceptional performance in polyvinyl acetate and water-based adhesives. It is used in EVA water-based... view more
Benzoflex™ 1046 is a specialty benzoate plasticizer by Eastman. Imparts very good stain resistance in PVC or PVC acetate copolymers. Exhibits high resin solvation at elevated temperatures, coupled... view more
Benzoflex™ 2-45 Plasticizer is oxydiethylene dibenzoate by Eastman. It is an excellent solvator for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and also shows compatibility with it. Flexible vinyl formulations which... view more
Benzoflex™ 2088 by Eastman is a high solvating plasticizer known for its exceptional performance in PVC, polyvinyl acetate and water-based adhesive systems. Offers excellent wet tack, set times and... view more
Benzoflex™ 352 by Eastman is a white flake solid plasticizer. Designed for hot-melt adhesives and sealants. All components of Benzoflex™ 352 are listed in TSCA, DSL, CEPA, ECL, IECSC... view more
Benzoflex™ 6000 by Eastman is a clear, low viscosity non-phthalate plasticizer. Benzoflex™ 6000 is used in adhesive applications... view more
Benzoflex™ LA-705 is benzoate ester plasticizer by Eastman. Provides a unique combination of high performance, complete FDA clearance and no EU labeling versus traditional plasticizers. Benzoflex™... view more
Benzoflex™ LC-531 by Eastman is a plasticizer. It is formulated specifically for latex caulks, adhesives and sealants. Benzoflex™ LC-531 is designed to pass the stringent performance requirements... view more
Benzoflex™ PS-507 by Eastman is a benzoate non-phthlate plasticizer. It is specifically formulated for use in adhesives, single pack and 2K polysulfide sealants. When properly formulated, Benzoflex™... view more
Benzoflex™ RF-532 by Eastman is a high solvating plasticizer designed for resilient vinyl flooring. It may be used in foam, clear or wear layers. Incorporation into the wear or clear layers of a... view more
Benzoflex™ TPU-405 by Eastman is a plasticizer. Designed for TPU applications that require an extension of the durometer range, modification of the melt rheology characteristics, easier processing... view more
Benzoflex™ VP-953 by Eastman is a plasticizer specifically designed for vinyl plastisol applications. It is an excellent alternative to high solvating phthalate plasticizers. Benzoflex™ VP-953 is... view more
Non-phthalate Plasticizer by Eastman. Benzoflex™ 354 is a high solvating resin modifier designed for adhesives for graphic arts. Compatible with a wide range of synthetic resinous materials... view more
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