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Adhesives Ingredients
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Adhesives Ingredients
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Pentalyn™ 601-M by Eastman is a tackifier. Used in bookbinding, hot-melt & solvent-borne and packaging adhesives, case & carton sealing closings, tapes and labels. Pentalyn™ 601-M has moderate... view more
Pentalyn™ 615-M by Eastman is a high gloss, fast drying tackifier. Pentalyn™ 615-M is used in graphic arts, hot-melt and solvent-borne adhesives... view more
Pentalyn™ 670-M is designed for use as a tackifier by Eastman. Compatible with acrylic resins and nitrocellulose. Pentalyn™ 670-M is used in graphic arts, hot-melt, solvent-borne adhesives and... view more
Phenol-based gum rosin pentaerythritol ester (85-95%). Pentalyn™ 702-M by Eastman is used in hot-melt adhesives and solvent-borne adhesives. Exhibits medium viscosity, very good solubility in... view more
Pentalyn™ 710-M by Eastman is a low viscosity tackifier. Compatible with vegetable oils, hydrocarbon resins and other gum rosin resins. Pentalyn™ 710-M is used in adhesives and sealants... view more
Pentalyn™ 711-M by Eastman is gum rosin, phenolic modified pentaerythritol ester used as a tackifier. Shows high resistance to oxidation, low color and low solubility in mineral oils. Pentalyn™... view more
Pentalyn™ 750-HV-M by Eastman is a high viscosity tackifier. Compatible with tall oil alkyd resins and other rosin-based resins, chlorinated rubber and cosolvent polyamides. Exhibits excellent gloss... view more
Pentalyn™ 750-HV-M by Eastman acts as a tackifier having high molecular weight. Possesses very good reactivity to gelling agents, high viscosity and improved mineral oil solubility. Compatible with... view more
Pentalyn™ 765-M by Eastman is a tackifier with good gelling properties. Used in graphic arts, hot-melt & solvent-borne adhesives and sealants. Pentalyn™ 765-M is compatible with vegetable oils, tall... view more
Pentalyn™ 770-M is a high viscosity tackfier by Eastman. Compatible with vegetable oils, tall oil alkyd resins, hydrocarbonaceous resins and other rosin based resins. Exhibits good gelling and low... view more
Pentalyn™ 780-M by Eastman acts as a tackifier based on a partially gelled resin. Possesses very good pseudoplasticity, high hardness and very high viscosity. Compatible with vegetable oils, tall... view more
Phenolic modified rosin ester. Acts as a tackifier. Is partially gelled and pseudoplastic in nature. Possesses high hardness, very high viscosity and very low solubility in mineral oils. Used in... view more
Pentalyn™ FC-H by Eastman is pentaerythritol ester of maleic anhydride-modified wood rosin. It is a pale, high softening point, high acid number, thermoplastic resin for adhesive applications... view more
Pentalyn™ H-E is a medium hard, pale, thermoplastic resin designed primarily as a tackifying resin for various types of polymer- and elastomer-based adhesives. Possesses very good resistance to... view more
NYFLEX an alternative to silicone fluids
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