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Adhesives Ingredients
The material selection platform
Adhesives Ingredients
by SpecialChem
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Cardolite® NX-2026 is a high purity cardanol, bio-based diluent, resin modifier, and accelerator designed for use in adhesives and sealants. It is based on natural, renewable, non-food raw material... view more
Cardolite® Ultra LITE 513 by Cardolite is a low viscosity, mono-functional epoxy reactive diluent. The long hydrophobic aliphatic side chain of cardanol gives this product a very low viscosity and... view more
Cardolite® LITE 3040 is a solvent free, low viscosity phenalkamide epoxy curing agent by Cardolite. Exhibits excellent mechanical properties and excellent adhesion. Provides outstanding durability... view more
Cardolite® NX-5594 is a phenalkamine epoxy curing agent that has favorable labeling, faster cure at low temperature, i.e. 0°C. Utilized as a solvent free hardener for epoxy adhesives and as a... view more
Cardolite® GX-3090 is a solvent free and very low viscosity phenalkamide epoxy curing agent. Exhibits excellent mechanical properties, faster strength development, and good adhesion at recommended... view more
Benzoflex™ 9-88 plasticizer by Eastman is a high solvating plasticizer. Benzoflex™ 9-88 plasticizer is used in cyanoacrylate adhesives, latex caulks, polysulfide sealants, polyurethane adhesives and... view more
Eastman 168™ non-phthalate plasticizer by Eastman is a non-orthopthalate, general purpose plasticizer for PVC. Possesses performance equal or better than most ortho-phthalate plasticizers. Offers... view more
Eastman VersaBond™ Plasticizer is a phthalate-free blend of esters (100% concentration) by Eastman. Exhibits better shore hardness, viscosity, tensile strength and water uptake as compared to... view more
Benzoflex™ 50 plasticizer by Eastman is a versatile benzoate ester plasticizer. It is known for its exceptional performance in polyvinyl acetate and water-based adhesives. It is used in EVA... view more
Admex™ 334F polymeric plasticizer by Eastman is a polyester-type permanent plasticizer. Possesses superior extraction and migration resistance. Well-suited for critical uses where the PVC compound... view more
THIXATROL® AS 8053 by Elementis is diamide-based low temperature activation rheological modifier and highly effective organic thixotrope. It is labeling-free and is based on renewable raw material... view more
THIXATROL® MAX by Elementis is a cost effective, seed resistant organic rheological additive and thixotrope. Designed for solvent-based adhesive and sealants. Provides viscosity and sag control in... view more
THIXATROL® ST by Elementis is an organically modified castor oil derivative used as a rheological additive. Increases the viscosity and provides thixotropy. It contributes to pigment suspension and... view more
BENTONE® EW by Elementis is a rheological additive for waterborne system. It is a highly beneficiated, easily dispersible smectite clay. Provides thermostable aqueous phase viscosity control and... view more
RHEOLATE® 185 by Elementis is a low to mid-shear, low viscosity, solvent- & APEO-free, acrylic thickener. This shear thinning rheological additive is a cost-effective alkali soluble associative... view more
Dynasylan® SIVO 203 by Evonik is a multifunctional aminosilane compound. Acts as an adhesion promoter. Provides improved product performance and quality. It is soluble in alcohols, aliphatic and... view more
Dynasylan® 1122 by Evonik is a bis(3-triethoxysilylpropyl)amine grade. It is an adhesion promoter and a surface modifier. Provides good flexural strength, tensile strength, impact strength and... view more
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