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CRYSTAZENE 110 by DRT is terpene-modified water-white tackifying resin. It is an odorless resin and used as an alternative to hydrocarbon resins. It exhibits outstanding thermal stability... view more
Eastman Chemical Company
Hydrogenated aliphatic hydrocarbon resin. Used in asphalt modification, assembly, automotive, bookbinding, building and construction, caulks and sealants, contact adhesives, hot melt adhesives... view more
Eastman Chemical Company
Hydrocarbon resin. Low molecular weight, modified aromatic hydrocarbon resin. Possesses good solubility and compatibility with a wide variety of thermoplastic and elastomeric polymers. Designed for... view more
Eastman Chemical Company
Hydrocarbon resin. Moderate softening point, aromatic modified C5 resin. Light colored resin designed for use in adhesive systems based on either aliphatic or aromatic elastomers. Stabilized by the... view more
Eastman Chemical Company
Glycerol ester of polymerized rosin. Acts as a tackifier. Used in assembly, bookbinding, contact adhesives, footwear and leather, hot melt adhesives, laminating, packaging, pressure sensitive... view more
Eastman Chemical Company
Resin. Pale, partially polymerized (dimerized) rosin. Offers a higher softening point, higher viscosity (molten and in solution), much greater resistance to oxidation, and complete freedom from... view more
RESAFEN 14-013 (old name SUPER RESANITE 14-013) by Reichhold is a non-reactive, terpene phenolic resin. Acts as a tackifier in hot melt adhesives. Provides bodying and drying with soft oils, package... view more
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