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Adhesives Ingredients
The material selection platform
Adhesives Ingredients
by SpecialChem
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Tall oil rosin ester. Used in hot melt adhesives for construction such as dry wall, flooring, and tile mastics. Possesses broad compatibility and improved resistance to oxidation. Offers enhanced... view more
SYLVATAC™ RE 100 by KRATON is a light-colored pentaerythritol ester of rosin. Acts as a tackifier. Offers good skinning resistance and color stability in ethylene vinyl acetate hot melt adhesives... view more
Stabilized rosin ester. Used in construction adhesives, as well as hot melt packaging and bookbinding applications. Offers benefits such as very good polymer compatibility and aging stability, good... view more
SYLVATC™ RE 103S by KRATON is a rosin ester. Acts as a tackifier. Exhibits excellent adhesive performance due to high polarity with broadest polymer compatibility. It is compatible with most... view more
It is a liquid rosin ester. Acts as tackifier. It is compatible with most commonly used acrylics and PVAc-copolymers. Sylvatac® RE 12 is soluble in most common organic solvents and insoluble in... view more
Rosin ester. Acts as a tackifier. Provides the compatibility of a rosin ester along with the ability to modify the softening points of other high softening point tackifiers. Is designed for... view more
Low softening point rosin ester. Acts as a tackifier/plasticizer. Recommended for a variety of pressure sensitive and hot melt applications, especially where its low glass transition temperature... view more
Liquid rosin ester. Acts as a tackifier designed for applications requiring low odor and excellent stability. Its high acid number provides improved specific adhesion relative to alternative liquid... view more
Stabilized glycerol ester of rosin. Provides good heat stability. Used in EVA, SBS, SIS and other hot melt adhesives due to its stability as well as excellent polymer compatibility. Can also be used... view more
SYLVATAC™ RE 95 by KRATON is a rosin ester. Acts as a tackifier. It is compatible with most commonly used EVAs, waxes, natural rubber, SIS and SBS. Provides excellent adhesive performance due to... view more
Pentaerythritol Rosin Ester. Used in construction and general assembly mastic adhesives, patch sealants, hot melt woodworking adhesives and carpet seaming tapes... view more
Naphthenic oils for better adhesion
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