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UBE Polycarbonate Diols Solutions

UBE Polycarbonate Diols Solutions

Among the Specialty Chemicals & Products, UBE has a strong focus on Polycarbonate Diols Solutions.

UBE Polycarbonate Diols (PCD) are raw materials for Polyurethane. They provide an extreme durability and customizable possibilities for superior & long-term retention of designed performances.

Polycarbonate Diols (PCD) improve the feel and durability of Polyurethane. They are ideal materials for applications exposed to harsh environments such as artificial leathers, paints, etc.

What are the key performances that make UBE Polycarbonate Diols unique?

Terminal - Backbone - Bridge - Backbone - Terminal

Figure 1: Different Diols used for the synthesis of PU

Polycarbonate Diols provide many benefits to Polyurethane, such as :
Increased adhesion properties of PCD-based PU           Increased water resistance for durable adhesives & sealants           Enhanced chemical resistance for PU formulations

Increased thermal stability for durable PU adhesives & sealants           Improved mechanical properties for durable PU adhesives & sealants           Improved adhesion properties with diol blends

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Increased adhesion properties Extreme water resistance Increased chemical resistance Higher thermal stability Improved mechanical properties Improvement of adhesion properties

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