The Universal Selection Source: Adhesives Ingredients


Product Name
Allyl hexafluoroisopropanol. This halogenated monomer is colorless flammable liquid with pungent odor. Used as a building block in organic synthesis and in manufacture of adhesives... view more
Bromotrifluoroethylene. This halogenated monomer is found in gaseous form at ambient conditions and in liquid form under pressure. It is a colorless liquid. Used in manufacture of adhesives... view more
Hexafluoroisopropoxymethyl Norbornene. This halogenated monomer is a clear liquid which is free of suspended and colloidal matter. Used in the production of adhesives... view more
Trifluoroethylene. This biobased halogenated monomer is saturated with limonene vapor to inhibit polymerization. It is found to be in gaseous form at ambient pressure. It is used to manufacture... view more
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