The material selection platform
Adhesives Ingredients
The material selection platform
Adhesives Ingredients


Product Name
Methacryloyl-L-Lysine. Can be used as a building block for producing custom made polymers with pendant amine functionality... view more
o-Nitrobenzyl methacrylate is a blocked carboxylic acid monomer. Contains minimum 95% of the active content... view more
Monoacryloxyethyl phosphate. It is a water-soluble phosphoric acid ester monomer. Contains Bis(2-Acryloxyethyl) Phosphate... view more
Vinyltriethoxysilane. It is moisture-sensitive. Can be used to introduce sites into polymers which adhere to silaceous surfaces... view more
Trichloroacrylic acid is a carboxylic acid monomer. It is halogenated acrylic acid derivative... view more
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